Our replacement service for defective PCBs

Unlike conventional repair services for PCBs, we do not require any technical documentation – we simply need your defective circuit board. Our specialized measuring techniques and process chains then allow us to manufacture a brand-new copy of your PCB. Our high success rate demonstrates that this approach typically eliminates more errors than conventional repairs on the first attempt, including errors that usually require a great deal of effort to identify or correct.

The replacement service works as follows:


The process for our replacement service:

1. Fill out the order form and request a quote

By providing a few brief details about the origin and repair history of your defective PCB in this form, as well as two photos showing the front and back of the component, we can perform an initial assessment of the complexity of your PCB. You will receive a non-binding quote with a range of delivery options by the end of the same business day.

2. Send off PCB and receive a binding offer

Since every PCB is different, we can only provide a binding offer once we have had the opportunity to inspect the PCB ourselves in-house. At this point, you can either accept the binding offer directly, or we will return the PCB to you free of charge.


3. Create a new replacement PCB

We will now manufacture a brand-new copy of the original defective PCB. Any special components will be gently removed from the old board, tested, and remounted onto the new board. This preserves the original PCB, which can be restored to its original state in a few simple steps if necessary.


4. Test the PCB

You now need to test the replacement board directly within your system, since this is the only way to ensure that it will interact correctly with its surroundings.


We guarantee the functionality of our PCBs for 12 months after your system is successfully repaired to a functioning state.



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