Why replace a PCB instead of repairing it?

There can be good reasons to repair a circuit board conventionally: repairs CAN be (but are not always!) quick and cost-effective if the defect is obvious and sufficient technical documentation is available. Unfortunately, before the repair begins, it is not always easy to predict the level of effort that will be required to identify the defect.In many cases, attempted repairs will be unsuccessful, prolonging the production downtime. Even if the repairs are successful and the defect is corrected, an old PCB may still have various other hidden vulnerabilities. Some of the more troublesome defects, such as microcracks in the components or the printed circuit itself, only manifest sporadically under certain thermal or mechanical conditions and can be extremely difficult to detect.

By contrast, our PCB replacement service does not require any detailed technical documentation and simultaneously offers a very short turnaround time – resulting in a brand-new circuit board that can be expected to last for a long time. Even if attempted repairs by other providers were unsuccessful, we can often solve your problem by creating a replacement PCB.

Economic viability of maintenance and repairs

It can be worth performing quick circuit board repairs or replacement on your system for any of the following reasons:

Short-term benefits:

  • rapid restoration of delivery capacity
  • no late delivery penalties
  • no missed deadlines
  • no time or money spent rescheduling to other (less efficient) machines
  • no added quality risks from alternative manufacturing processes.

    Medium-term benefits:

    • every euro previously spent on the amortization of a tax-deductible production system represents an increase in profits
    • investing in new production technologies is often extremely costly – in economically challenging conditions, maintenance and repairs can delay this expense for several years
    • a repaired system is economically more viable than a new system that does not offer a decisive double-digit efficiency advantage
    • no need to retrain staff for new processes and systems
    • no need to repeat the process qualification audits required by many customers.